Guardian Cats

Guardian Cats

Cats are the heroes in my book, Guardian Cats & the Lost Books of Alexandria.

Warriors of a different kind, these cats live in libraries and bookstores, guarding ancient mystical treasures. The job allows plenty of reading time for these literary felines, but requires vigilance, dedication and a pure heart to prevent these books of power from falling into the wrong hands.




“In the beginning, the taste of power is sweet, savored on the tongue, like fine wine. It whispers promises in your ear and pretends to be your friend. It is easy to become addicted to this feeling.”  Cicero, the elder.

Discover the secret world of the Guardians, library cats whose night vigils incorporate a love of reading with their mission of protecting ancient mystical books rescued from the burning Library of Alexandria.

One of these books is under the watchful eye of Cicero, a wise old Guardian. The powerful ancient document is also the target of a man with chilling intentions for its use, a man on the hunt for the elusive Book of Motion and its fearless defender. As the villain closes in, Cicero, acutely aware his days are numbered, intensifies the search for his successor.

When a promising, but inexperienced young tabby seeks refuge in the library, Cicero has precious little time to contemplate his worth, let alone train him.

Guardian Cats is a story about man’s abuse of worldly power, and the unsung heroes who fight in the timeless battle of good and evil.