The trouble with words

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

Words are such a troublesome means of communication.
They are supposed to be a bridge that allows us to speak from a place with no language. What a strange road they travel from that dwelling place of feeling and thought. How pitiful the words we must use to overcome such a fathomless distance.

I see my efforts result in words that collapse back into the darkness.
I see other words veer off track, traveling skyward until they disappear and I’m back to studying my navel and inner space.

Where is that magic place of clarity where words fit the thought? Where they rush forward and take flight, spanning the distance between you and me. How can my words unite us?

Words seem so cheap, yet they are capable of wielding great power.
They can create a bond that links us. Or a chasm that cuts.
I fear my words lose too much in translation.

Sometimes I wish we didn’t need all these elucidations which too often muddy the water. If we could only chirp, or growl, or bark.
How much simpler life would be.

But it’s too late. I can’t stop searching now.
Even though I know there are no words for some things I have to say.

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash


2 thoughts on “The trouble with words

  1. I really enjoy this post, and your thoughtfulness in it.

    Also, I know how you feel. A wise professor friend of mine once said that all texts are a translation. What a writer intends to say, how readers interpret their message, and what those same words mean to people over time can greatly vary.

    Like you, though, l hope that even a twinkling of what l want to convey can come through in my writings.

    I think being able to share those types of desires, as writers, is very unifying.

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