Spring kittens

 There’s a barn cat who’s been roaming around our property for several months. She’s black and white with a broken tail permanently bent at a 90 degree angle. We never saw much of her, except to scurry in and out of bushes or grab a bite of food off the porch.

Today she showed up in our pool area with four kittens. I was so surprised, but I don’t know why should I be. Feral cats breed like rabbits. They’re the first kittens of the spring season and so it was a great start to the day and she was so considerate to bring them to where I can see them playing outside my bedroom window.

I love having feral cats around, although I’ve lost count of all that have come and gone over the past twenty years. They wander through our two acre semi-wildlife habitat as though we are part of some feline migration route.

Now at this point in my blog, if I were Cat over at Words from the Woods I would be metaphorically tying yarn around these feral cats to brilliantly illustrate some aspect of writing. Cat is the Metaphor Queen. If you don’t believe me, check out her Plot Bunnies.

2 thoughts on “Spring kittens

  1. Rahma,

    If you feed them, they will come. I love feral babies of any kind. Even the opossums that hang out on my parent’s deck. They have learned to enjoy the cat food almost as much as the cats.

    Enjoy your spring babies. I bet they are too cute for words. Also, thanks for the mention.

    Hugs~ cat

    1. Yes, they keep coming even when I don’t feed them. I think I shouldn’t encourage them, but I’m an incurable cat and kitten addict, both domestic and wild.

      Possums, on the other hand, are kinda’ creepy. Even baby possums arent’ that cute.

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