So you want to be a writer…

Should I let Algernon die, or let him suffer at the whims of his evil brother?
Even cats have trouble with the blank page.

Here’s what I’ve learned about writing in the last three years. When everyone else is:

  1. watching TV, I am probably writing.
  2. sleeping, I am usually writing and editing.
  3. on FaceBook, I’m…ooops…gotta get back to writing.
  4. blogging, I am writing, wishing I had more time to blog.
  5. shopping, I am revising a chapter.
  6. texting and tweeting, I am talking to my MC.
  7. eating, I am eating but it’s at my computer so I can catch up on email, blogs and news.
  8. reading, well,  I might be reading.
  9. showering, I am showering, but usually in writing mode with no way to write down the brilliant idea that came to me.
  10. working out, I am exercising my brain wishing it would burn 300 calories an hour.
  11. cutting the grass, I am letting the grass grow to revise another chapter, or paragraph, or sentence.
  12. cooking, I am throwing something in the crockpot to go revise another chapter, or paragraph, or sentence.

You gotta love writing to be this crazy!

4 thoughts on “So you want to be a writer…

  1. Rahma,

    This is so true! My whole life is filled with writing, thinking about writing or dreaming about it.

    Everything else seems to fall by the way side.


    1. Hi Cat, good to hear from you. Writing does seem to take over one’s life, but for me at least, it’s been a good thing. I’m so mental and kinda scatter-brained, that writing a book helps keeps me focused.

      You, at least, keep your blog going regularly and are so good about replying and staying in touch. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. It drives me crazy when I wake in the night with an idea, and can’t write it down for fear of waking the others, so I lay there composing (rather than decomposing fortunately), hoping that I’l sleep again before dawn.

    1. So true! I try to keep paper beside my bed just for those special moments, but where’s the pen? So I will try to embed it into my brain and hope it’ll be there in the a.m.

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