Character development: Daniel takes me on a tour

I wanted another interview with my main character, Daniel. (After five tries, he’s seems o.k. with this name.)

So how do I get in contact with him again? The first time I interviewed him, I was chopping onions and I thought about him just being there in my kitchen, like a real person. This time I’m sitting at the computer. Not always the best place for inspiration. So I got up to clear my head.

How can I call him up?

It felt a little eerie, like I was summoning supernatural forces.  I knew I was not trying to contact the dead or the unseen spirit world, but writing has gotten me into the business of creating people from bits and pieces of other people. What have I become? A literary Frankenstein? A character conjurer?

I don’t want to get creepy about this business of character building, but it’s an interesting ‘walk’ that I didn’t expect would be so challenging. I’m pretty grounded in reality, but I know there’s a fine line where we, as humans, can lose ourselves in the imaginary world.

But ‘call’ was the trigger word for me. How do I call him? On the phone, of course. No séance or candles needed.

It worked perfectly. I called Daniel and asked if he would take me on a tour of his mother’s house. This was the house she abandoned…the same way she had abandoned Daniel. It was an unloved, unkept house and I saw for myself what kind of life he’d had with her.

What I learned about my main character by this bit of role playing was very interesting. In spite of his neglect…having too little upbringing and too much exposure,  Daniel surprised me with a small, significant thing. After he struggled to get the door unlocked, he backed up and held it open to let me in first.

Daniel was a natural born gentleman.

6 thoughts on “Character development: Daniel takes me on a tour

  1. Sounds pretty neat. I also wonder about a writer’s ability to lose herself in the worlds she create. I find I do it when I drive and lucky for me, when I’m on the treadmill. I don’t think I could suffer a treadmill without my imaginary friends. ^_^

  2. I find driving is a good place to get a break from all the distractions of my home & office environment as well.

    I never considered the treadmill as a place to lose myself (other than pounds 🙂 but that’s an interesting concept.
    Might be the only way I would be inspired to get back on it!

  3. I like this idea of a tour almost more than the interview. I’m glad to hear you got a hold of your gentlemanly escort! You sound like you’re having a blast creating his character.

    Best luck on the many adventures Daniel will lead you through!

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